Monday, May 16, 2011

Tolkien Jewelry/Mirkwood Fairy Lantern/ Pendulum/ Necklace/ Spell Bound Gems(tm)/ Natural Rose Petals/ Quartz Amulet for Love/Gemstone Magic/Celtic/Fae Wicca/Pagan

Tolkien Jewelry/Mirkwood Fairy Lantern/Pendulum/Necklace/Spell Bound Gems(tm):

This Tolkien-inspired handmade Pendulum and Necklace is named Mirkwood Fairy Lantern...

It is a unique, one of a kind, handmade collectible. The bail, the pendant and the Celtic Spiral are all handmade or handworked components. Custom Gemmagick(sm), or custom Gemstone magic, for the recipient's specific needs, is also provided.

For more imformation regarding Gemmagick(sm) custom gemstone magic, Custom amulets, and Spell Bound Gems(tm), write or view for photos of similar items.

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