Saturday, May 28, 2011

TOLKIEN JEWELRY/ Lothlorien Unicorn Leaf/ Original Organic Rose Petal Art/ Enchanted Pendulum/ Amulet/ Necklace/ Spell Bound Gems(tm)/ LOTR/ Celtic/

TOLKIEN JEWELRY/ Lothlorien Unicorn Leaf/ Pendulum/ Necklace/ Amulet:

This original, natural rose petal art piece is a Tolkien-inspired Art Jewelry collectible. It functions as an amulet, a necklace, and a pendulum.

Tolkien wrote about wizards and magic, trolls and orcs, and elves and dwarves. Although he did not emphasize fairies and unicorns, the world of unicorns and fairies is firmly rooted in Celtic culture...

This Lothlorien Unicorn Leaf collectible incorporates the Celtic spiral by way of the unicorn ceramic embellishment on the leaf.

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