Saturday, May 28, 2011

Handmade Pendulums/ Enchanted Pendulum/ Amulet/ Necklace/ Handmade Organic Rose Petal Art Jewelry/ Fine Silver/ Tolkien Jewelry/ Elven/ Lothlorien Unicorn Leaf/ Spell Bound Gems(tm)/ Personalized

Handmade Pendulums/ Enchanted Pendulum/ Amulet/ Necklace/

This Spell Bound Gems(tm) handmade enchanted pendulum is an organic rose petal art jewelry collectible. It is named Lothlorien Unicorn Leaf.

The bail, the leaf, and the pendant/ focal piece have been embellished with handmade braided ceramic vines symbolizing Celtic spirals and the magic of unicorns.

The leaf is made of a natural rose petal with ceramic embellishments, Austrian crystal and fine silver, all in delicate silver, gold, and bronze hues.

This pendulum also functions as an amulet and necklace. The amulet is a Spell Bound Gems(tm) quartz focal piece, enchanted for love and prosperity.

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