Thursday, November 6, 2008

Magick - Definition of True Magic

"True Magic ... is the ability to accomplish what is apparently impossible... - Spellworker

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Spell Cast Gems(tm) - Water Goddess - Charged Quartz - Handmade Pendulum - Pendant - Protective Amulet - Crystal Magic

This Spell Cast Gems(tm) Water Goddess amulet is a pendant which converts into a pendulum. Set with vintage copper chain, this quartz amulet features a unique magical design with freshwater pearls, silver foil crystal, and pure copper. For more information write

Spell Cast Gems(tm) - Crystal Magic - Water Goddess - Amulet & Pendant

This is a Spell Cast Gems(tm) Crystal Magic amulet and pendant named after the Goddess of the Waters, or the Water Goddess. She is known in different cultures under different the Vedic/Hindu tradition, She is Saraswati, Goddess of the Rivers, and Kali, Goddess of the Sea...She is the Celtic Aine, Goddess of the Sea in certain parts of Ireland, and the Goddess Brighid who is Goddess of the Wells...

Spell Cast Gems(tm) are part of a unique form of crystal magic which is a type of holistic energy work.

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