Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TOLKIEN JEWELRY/ Rivendell Raindrops/ Elven/Custom Gemstone Spellbinding/ Celestial Inhabited Handmade Pendulum/ Necklace/ Celtic/ Druid/ Fae Wicca



This piece was inspired by the Paradise of the elves called Rivendell in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It is described as a valley full of wonderful waterfalls and lush vegetation. The Elven Princess Arwen, and her father Lord Elrond lived in Rivendell.


The new bearer of this piece may choose Gemmagick(sm) Custom Magic. When this piece is spellbound, it is spellcast to attract the intended result.

The spellbound piece is infused with or influenced by a specific, benefic Celestial Spiritual Energy or Entity. For example, upon spellbinding, the piece will attract a specific benefic fairy who will influence or inhabit the pendulum.

For more information about custom gemstone spellbinding, write gemmagick@gemmagick.com

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