Thursday, November 25, 2010

ELVEN JEWELRY/ FREYA DRAGONFLY GODDESS PENDANT with Crescent Moon/ Handworked Vintage Copper/ Vintage Brass/ Dragonfly/ Sacred Feminine/ Magic Jewelry

ELVEN JEWELRY: Freya, Dragonfly Goddess Pendant is a OOAK, collectible handmade Spell Cast Gems(tm) piece made of handworked vintage copper and brass. The front side features a dragonfly in vintage copper, and the reverse side features this Crescent Moon design, symbol of the Mother Goddess in many cultures.

Freya is considered to be the wife of Odin in Viking lore and magick. She is a strikingly beautiful Goddess, always very independent and strong, with mastery of Magick, the gift of love and romance, and the Goddess of Power. She is the Queen of the Valkyries, who are goddesses who take care of the souls of the departed warriors in Viking legends.

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