Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tolkien Jewelry/Faerieworlds/ Pendant/Pendulum/Necklace/ Belegaer Mermaid Grotto/Spell Cast Gems(tm)/ Gem Magick(sm)/ Personalized/Natural Rose Petals


This is a Tolkien, Elven Jewelry collectible named BELEGAER MERMAID GROTTO.


Belegaer in Tolkien's writings is the sea that stretched west of Middle Earth. Frodo and Bilbo Baggins and the elves had to cross Belegaer to reach the Undying Lands, also known as Valinor, the elven Paradise.

* ART JEWELRY COLLECTIBLE: This is a one of a kind mixed media art jewelry collectible - and cannot be reproduced even if I tried.

* HANDMADE COMPONENTS: Some of the components of this piece are unique, original, handmade artistic designs - this is not assembled jewelry, which is jewelry assembled entirely or substantially from ready-made, mass manufactured pieces, like beaded jewelry. The natural rose petal is colored in rainbow hues and mounted on copper tone filigree.

* MAGICK OF MATERIALS: The natural organic rose petals Seller uses are known to be associated with the Goddess of Love and Prosperity in far Eastern traditions. Pearls are traditionally associated in far Eastern traditions with the Moon and the Mother, and particularly the Mother Goddess, in all Her forms.

For more information about Faerieworlds Jewelry, Goddess and Celtic Jewelry, handmade natural rose petal jewelry and mystical tools, Spell Cast Gems(tm) and Spell Worker Magic(sm), write To view similar natural rose petal jewelry featured at the 2009 Faerieworlds Convention, go to

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