Monday, September 13, 2010

TOLKIEN ELVEN JEWELRY/ LEGOLAS OF MIRKWOOD/ Necklace/ Pendant/ Spell Cast Gems(tm)/ Celtic/Geode/ Filigree/Natural Rose Petal/ Medieval/ Victorian/Fae

TOLKIEN ELVEN JEWELRY: This Spell Cast Gems(tm) pendant and necklace is named after Tolkien's mysterious Mirkwood Forest, later known as the Wood of Greenleaves; and Legolas, the elven Prince of Mirkwood, member of the Fellowship of the Ring.

This piece features a handworked vintage solid brass dragonfly designed and hand crafted by the designer on top of the sapphire blue crystal. Dragonflies are associated with the Nordic Goddess, Freya, Goddess of Love, War, and Magic.

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