Monday, September 20, 2010

ELVEN/ TOLKIEN JEWELRY/ RIVENDELL GARDENS/ Pendulum/ Necklace/ Pendant/ Spell Cast Gems(tm)/ Handmade Components/ Natural Rose Petals/

ELVEN TOLKIEN JEWELRY: This enchanting, Elven, Tolkien inspired, original art jewelry piece is a magic Spell Cast Pendulums(tm) design. It is named RIVENDELL GARDENS.

* MATERIALS: This collectible amulet, pendant and pendulum features a handworked vintage copper, elven style lily/cone bell flower with genuine amethyst and a Czech fire polished amethyst bead as the thistle in a vintage copper filigree setting. The inside of the flower is lined with a natural rose petal in deep, vintage amethyst hues.

The central part of this piece features a lovely peridot silver foil bead surrounded by matching pale peridot beads, set in vintage copper wire. The pendulum itself is detachable and can be worn alone with the necklace/ ribbon.

The piece is embellished with crystal leaves in peridot and amethyst hues. Small crystals in lavender and fuschia embellished with Elven Vine Jewelry(tm) ceramic elven vines adorn the focal copper pendant.

* This piece was inspired by Tolkien's magickal world of wizards and elves.

(c) 2010

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