Sunday, September 12, 2010

HANDMADE PENDULUM/ WICCAN SORCERESS/ Pentacle/ Pagan Star/ Mystical Goddess Tool/ Pendant/ Necklace/Amulet/ Talisman/ Vintage Copper/Roses

HANDMADE PENDULUM: This Spell Cast Pendulums(tm), handmade, OOAK, collectible mystical tool is named WICCAN SORCERESS.


I must admit that when I first began to make this piece with the rose petals, I never thought that the end result would have such mysterious, soft, iridescent colors. This tool also seems to have a vibrant, magickal energy which emanates from it and draws my attention to it. I named this tool "Wiccan Sorceress" due to this enchanting energy and these mysterious iridescent hues. For some reason, the rainbow colors seem to shift in different lights.

This multi-function mystical tool functions as an amulet/ talisman, pendant, altar piece, and can function as a pendulum as well.

NATURAL ROSE PETALS: This Wiccan Sorceress tool is made of solid, pure, handworked vintage copper and natural rose petals, in keeping with magickal practices and my love of Nature.

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