Friday, June 25, 2010

Tolkien Jewelry/ Spell Cast Gems(tm) with Custom Spell Worker Magic(sm)/ Valinor Vintage Rose Fairy Necklace/ Celtic/ Pagan

TOLKIEN JEWELRY: This Tolkien Jewelry, Spell Cast Gems(tm) with Custom Spell Worker Magic(sm) collectible necklace, is named Valinor Vintage Rose Fairy.

It is:
* inspired by Tolkien's magical world of fairies and elves
* a double-sided enchanted pendant - spell cast to help make your wishes come true
* made of natural rose petals (not ceramic), handworked vintage brass, filigree, and numerous other gemstones and crystal beads, including amethyst and green jade.

* At the center of the focal piece a vintage gold tone fairy alights on a pale peach natural rose petal, with a pale pink gem above her head.

* The reverse side has a handworked vintage brass faerie portal on top of a pale lavender natural rose petal, with a lavender faux crystal.

* This necklace is named after Valinor, the Undying Lands or Elven Paradise in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Valinor was the place to which Frodo Baggins, Bilbo Baggins, and the elves sailed after the end of the great war against the evil Lord, Sauron.

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