Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Elven Jewelry/ Spell Cast Gems(tm)/Spell Worker Magic(sm)/Gem Magic/ Tree of Gondor Faerie Portal Pendulum/ Necklace/ Natural Rose Petals/ Pagan/

Elven Jewelry: This Elven Jewelry collectible is a Spell Cast Gems(tm) original design. Spell Cast Gems(tm) focus on gem magick (or gemstone magick) and are part of Spell Worker Magic(sm), a unique, proprietary system of High Magick, or holistic energy work. This Tolkien inspired Tree of Gondor Faerie Portal necklace, pendant, and pendulum is made of a pure, lovely, natural rose petal, embellished with numerous gemstones and handmade elven vines.

A large golden fairy is seated at the center of the petal. The petal is mounted on a brass tone filigree. The rest of this collectible is made primarily of rose quartz, peach stone and Cezch fire polished beads. A handworked vintage brass original Tree of Gondor design (not shown) graces the reverse side of the natural rose petal.

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