Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tolkien Jewelry/ Spell Cast Gems(tm)/ Gemmagick(sm)/ Tree of Gondor Faerie Portal Pendulum/ Necklace/ Handworked Vintage Brass/ Celtic/Pagan

Tolkien Jewelry: This Tolkien inspired Jewelry piece is part of Gemmagick(sm), a unique proprietary system of High or White Magick, or holistic energywork. Gemmagick(sm) is part of Spell Worker Magic(sm), and focuses on Spell Cast Gems(tm). This Tree of Gondor Faerie Portal magic jewelry item is a double-sided pendulum and necklace called the Tree of Gondor Faerie Portal.

The Tree of Gondor was a symbol of Tolkien's Kingdom of Gondor. The White Tree of Gondor came from from a tree from the Undying Lands. Long after the line of Kings ended, the White Tree withered, and died, acquiring its white color. The Dead Tree stood in the Court of the Fountain until King Aragorn, also known as King Elessar, planted a new sapling which flourished once again.

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