Saturday, November 28, 2009

TOLKIEN Necklace/Pendant/ANDUIN RIVER MOON / Spell Cast Gems(tm) /Spell Worker Magic(sm)/Spell Worker Elven Magic Jewelry(sm)/ Celtic/Pagan/Wicca

In Tolkien's writings, the Anduin River was the longest river in Middle Earth. Here the Fellowship of the Ring found temporary peace, until the Orcs found them and began to attack. It was at the falls of the Anduin River that Boromir, brother of Faramir, and member of the Fellowship of the Ring, was put to rest after he died defending the hobbits on the banks of the Anduin River.

The fae of the Anduin River wish for the bearer of this pendant/necklace to be able to dive into the deep blue waters of the Anduin River, and experience the mysterious world of Middle Earth. This necklace/pendant features natural rose petals surrounding a deep turquoise crystal, set with a handworked vintage brass crescent moon. The reverse side also features a handworked vintage brass crescent moon with a magic alphabet, surrounded by aquas, peridots and turquoise hued rose petals. Crystals embellish the front of the pendant.

This is the semi-final version of this pendant/necklace. If you like this version, you will surely like the final version which is far more complex and complete.

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