Friday, November 27, 2009

MYSTICAL ZODIAC AMULET/Pendant/Necklace/Talisman/Scrying Mirror - PISCES MOON / Celtic/ Pagan/ Wicca/ Runes/ Magick/ Handworked Vintage Brass/ Pearls

This Spell Cast Gems(tm) Pisces Moon Mystical Zodiac Handmade Pendulum/ Necklace/Amulet/ Pendant is made of handworked vintage brass and features runic writing indicating that the bearer of this amulet practices or believes in magick.

The reverse side has a large, black freshwater pearl. This item works as a pendulum, amulet, and pendant/necklace, and the reverse side functions as a scrying mirror. This amulet has touches of black and verdegris to create an aged and mystical appearance. This listing includes a black satin finish cord and the length of this pendant is adjustable. Scrying Mirrors are usually dark, but when the colors are even and soft, light tones will also work.

Pisces: the sign of the fish...adopted by a symbol of Christ...and the last sign of the Zodiac, imparting ancient knowledge wherever it is placed. A Pisces Moon creates a dreamer, but a mature, wise dreamer who knows that all reality is just a Dream..and that reality manifests from our Dreams...Pisces Moon: a truly mystical, soft and dreamy, and mysterious sign.

Governed by the planet Jupiter, a Pisces Moon creates careers in counseling, holistic fields, protecting, aiding, and educating the masses, performing arts, and creativity in art, entertainment, and other fields in which creativity is truly essential. Pisces Moon: is a sign of a very old soul, whose evolution may be nearing its Enlightenment. One should never underestimate the gentle, but deeply spiritual, and powerful capabilities of a Pisces Moon.

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