Monday, November 30, 2009

TOLKIEN JEWELRY - Spell Cast Gems(tm) - ANDUIN RIVER MOON - Necklace/Pendant - Swarowski Crystal/ Natural Rose Petals/Handworked Vintage Brass/Celtic

The Anduin River in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy was the longest river in Middle Earth. It was from the Anduin that Aragorn was able to sail to help Minas Tirith the City of Kings in Gondor, when it was under attack by the forces of evil. Aragorn led the Dead to destory Sauron's forces. These photos feature the focal pendant of a necklace designed by named Anduin River Moon, after the Anduin River in Tolkien's writings. it was also on the banks of the Anduin that Boromir died defending the hobbits from attack. The Anduin River had a fantastic, huge waterfall. This Anduin River Moon pendant/necklace is made of handworked vintage brass, Swarowski crystal, natural rose petals, and handmade elven vines. The photos feature the semi-final version of this item. The final version of this necklace is far more complete and complex.

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