Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spiritual Steampunk(tm)/TolkienJewelry/Spell Bound Gems(tm)/Rivendell Rose Fairy Necklace/Pendulum/Victorian Filigree/Hand Antiqued/ Hobbit

Spiritual Steampunk(tm)/Tolkien Jewelry/Spell Bound Gems(tm)/Rivendell Rose Fairy Necklace/Pendulum/Victorian Filigree/Hand Antiqued Mother of Pearl/the Hobbit

This Spell Bound Gems(tm) handmade necklace and pendulum was inspired partly by the Victorian Era and partly by Tolkien's Middle Earth.


Although the Victorian Era and the Industrial Revolution saw the rise of materialism, logic and reason over faith, superstition and dogma, still -- great spiritual development was taking place. Spiritualism - including such interests as communicating with the departed - began to become more prominent. It was during this period that the Wiccan movement was established, although its foundations are actually very very ancient..The Wiccan movement and revival of Witchcraft and the Occult of the mid-and late 1900s began during the Victorian Era.

The truth is, technology, logic and reason, and established, set ways of thinking never dislodged the belief in the power of the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine energy of Nature...

This piece reminds me of the Steampunk/Victorian era because of the deep elegant tones, the golden bronze vintage appearance of the fairy and the mother of pearl, and the Victorian Filigree crescent moon setting.


The piece was named after Tolkien's Rivendell, an elven Paradise where Lord Elrond and his daughter Lady Arwen lived - a place of awesome waterfalls and wooded areas...

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