Thursday, February 3, 2011

TOLKIEN JEWELRY/Mallorn Tree Moon Fairy Necklace /Spell Bound Gems(tm) /Handmade /Elven Magic Jewelry(tm) /LOTR/Handworked Vintage Brass /Victorian Filigree/ Fae Wicca/

TOLKIEN JEWELRY - MALLORN TREE MOON FAIRY NECKLACE - Spell Bound Gems(tm) - Elven Magic Jewelry(tm) - Fae Wicca:

This is a photo of a handmade necklace inspired by the Mallorn Trees that grew in Lothlorien in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It is made from a single slice of agate carved into a teardrop shape, with handworked vintage brass, Victorian Filigree, and handmade ceramic elven vines.


Mallorn trees originated in the Undying Lands. These trees were huge trees on which the elves made their home in Lothlorien. Their leaves were green and silver and in autumn the leaves turned golden.

Lothlorien came to be known as the Golden Wood, and Galadriel the Lady of the Wood.

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