Saturday, August 28, 2010

GODDESS JEWELRY/ CRESCENT MOON GODDESS LOCKET/ Spell Cast Gems(tm)/ Gunmetal/Pendant/ Pendulum/Handmade Crescent Moon/ Pagan/ Celtic/ Wicca Supplies

GODDESS JEWELRY: This Spell Cast Gems(tm) gunmetal Goddess Jewelry collectible locket features a handmade Goddess Crescent Moon symbol on a small gunmetal locket. The Crescent Moon is a symbol of the Supreme Mother Goddess and has appeared for centuries in many cultures, including ancient Greece, Celtic cultures, Druidism, and the Hindu religion. In some circles it is considered a symbol of purity and of course the phases of the Moon. The Moon has been associated with the Mother and the Mother Goddess for centuries. This locket pendant doubles as a pendulum.

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