Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elven Jewelry/ Tolkien/ LEGOLAS OF MIRKWOOD/ Vintage Rose Fairy(tm)/ Spell Cast Gems(tm)/ Handworked Vintage Solid Brass/Rose Petals/ Celtic/ Pagan

Elven Jewelry/ Tolkien: This elven jewelry/ Tolkien, handmade Spell Cast Gems(tm) collectible, is named LEGOLAS OF MIRKWOOD. As part of the Vintage Rose Fairy Collection(tm), it is made of natural, organic rose petals, filigree, handmade elven vines (Elven Vine Jewelry(tm)), and handworked vintage solid brass designs by the artist.

Legolas of Mirkwood was the Prince of Mirkwood in Tolkien's writings. Fair-haired like Galadriel, he was the son of an elven King and joined the Fellowship of the Ring. He was Aragorn and Gimli's constant companion throughout the War against the evil lord Sauron.

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