Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spiritual Steampunk(tm)/ Mystical Tools/ Enchanted Jewelry/ Goddess Lilith Necklace/ Rosary/ Pendulum/ Scrying Mirror/ with Dark Moon Goddess Jewelry Box/ Tiger's Eye/ Pearls/ Shell/ Victorian Filigree/ Gothic/ Winged Angel Goddess/ Holistic Energywork/ Spell Bound Gems(tm)

Spiritual Steampunk(tm)/ Goddess Lilith/ Necklace/ Rosary/ Scrying Mirror/ Dark Moon Goddess Jewelry Box/ Spell Bound Gems(tm)/ Gothic/ Victorian:

This Spiritual Steampunk(tm) Goddess Lilith handmade Necklace/ Rosary/ Pendulum/ Scrying Mirror multi-function holistic mystical tool is an altar set and a lovely unique collectible.

The focal pendant consists of a handmade ceramic Lilith mounted on a brass tone diamond shaped filigree piece. The necklace is made of large blue-grey, smaller white and peacock freshwater pearls, all set in pewter bead caps. The focal piece features unique mystical script on brass and script on copper, on both sides.

The reverse features a handmade divination scrying mirror.

This set includes a handmade Dark Moon Goddess jewelry box which matches the scrying mirror and features the face of the Goddess.

For more information about this piece, similar mystical tools and jewelry, gemstone magic, holistic energywork, spellcasting, and Spell Bound Gems(tm), write or click here.

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