Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awesome IPhone Cover/ OOAK/ Brass/ Copper / Wood/ Back Plate Cover for the iPhone4(TM)/ Handcrafted Components/ Steampunk Handmade Cellphone Accessory

I found this amazing steampunk handmade cellphone accessory - beautiful and with a practical function, so original!

The designer and creator, John William Dunn, wrote:

"{{ Steampunk Back Plate Cover for the iPhone® 4 : The "iCog Lid” ™ }}

Is the iPhone® 4 too modern for your anachronistic tendencies? Cracked glass back-plate? Why not “Steampunk-it”? This is an item for the discerning Airship Mechanic who wishes to remain anachronistically proper while enjoying the benefits of living in the 21st century. The plate features a non-functional domed thermometer decoration and copper “pipes,” which fictitiously carry the water for the boiler that powers your communication device."

To view these photos of this amazing work, Click here

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