Friday, June 24, 2011

Portals to Faerie Worlds/ Faerie Worlds Jewelry/ Tir Na nOg Rainbow Portals/ Necklace/ Spellworker Enchanted Designs(tm)/ Enchanted Portal Gems(tm)/ with Spellbound Rainbow Silver(tm)/ Celtic Goddess/ Druid/ Fae Wicca

Portals to Faerie Worlds/ Faerie Worlds Jewelry/ Tir na nOg Rainbow Portals/ Double-Sided Necklace:

This Portals to Faerie Worlds original handmade double-sided necklace/pendant is named Tir na nOg Rainbow Portals.

This photo features the Spellbound Rainbow Silver(tm) effect on a teardrop agate gemstone. This pendant is set with a handmade Spellbound Lotus Bail(tm) made of numerous tiny multi-colored crystal beads.

Handmade braided ceramic Spellbound Unicorn Vines(tm) function on this side of the pendant as a partial Spellbound Bezel(tm) around the edge.

Tiny multi-color crystal beads which match the rainbow hues of the pendant form a Spellbound Bezel(tm) around the focal cabochon.

All designs are original designs by and and are part of Spell Worker Magic(tm), a unique proprietary system of holistic energywork.

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