Friday, April 2, 2010

MAGIC JEWELRY/TOLKIEN/ Spell Cast Gems(tm)/Elven/ Earendil Phial/ Vial/ Celtic/ Galadriel/ Fae Wicca Supplies

MAGIC JEWELRY/ TOLKIEN: This unique Elven Magic Jewelry collectible is a Tolkien inspired Spell Cast Gems(tm) handmade holistic tool. Spell Cast Gems(tm) are part of Spell Worker Magic(sm), a unique, proprietary system of holistic energywork or High Magick. This collectible is named the Earendil Phial/ Vial.

In Tolkien's writings, Earendil the Mariner was a great seafarer who carried the morning star across the sky on his brow. Earendil was the ancestor of Lord Elrond, Arwen's father; and also of Elros, the ancestor of the Chieftains of the Dunedain, including Aragorn.

This brilliant, tiny phial/ vial can be used as a potion or perfume bottle. The phial is suspended from a crystal butterfly on filigree, as shown.

You can keep your mementos in the phial as well. The Earendil Phial is made of crystal, filigree, and quartz, with a matching filigree butterfly.

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