Saturday, March 13, 2010

GEM MAGICK(sm)/ TOLKIEN JEWELRY/ Spell Worker Magick(sm) / BELEGAER CRESCENT MOON/ Pearls/ Middle Earth Sea/ Celtic/ Pagan/ Wicca

GEM MAGICK(sm): This GEM MAGICK(sm) Tolkien Jewelry item by is part of Spell Worker Magick(sm), a unique proprietary system of holistic energywork, or High Magick. It is named after Tolkien's Middle Earth Sea, Belegaer. This unique, handmade, BELEGAER CRESCENT MOON collectible piece is made of mother of pearl, handworked vintage copper, and freshwater pearls. Elegantly luxurious, this pendant includes a two toned sheer taupe and lavender ribbon to match the lavender, pink and silvery gold tones in the focal piece.

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