Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sacred Feminine - Holy Grail - Enchanted Wishing Coin - Talisman - Amulet for Protection and Empowerment - Goddess Kali - Calleagh - Mary Magdalene

This "SACRED FEMININE" - Kali - Holy Grail - Mary Magdalene - Spell Cast Coins(tm) Enchanted Wishing Coin - is:

* a wishing coin - a coin to help you make your wishes come true
* a Universal Goddess handmade coin covered with composite gold leaf, vintage appearance
* a talisman and an amulet for protection and personal empowerment
* an enchanted coin - a Spell Cast Coin(tm) with a blessing for love and wealth on the reverse side of the coin
* a spiritual tool which has been energized or charged through a unique, proprietary holistic method to facilitate benefits to the owner/ buyer
* wishing coins are used in many spiritual paths and cultures to assist the owners in manifesting their goals
* a multi-functional tool: talisman, protective amulet, enchanted wishing coin, spiritual holistic tool, collectible coin

* this listing includes a flat, metal jewelry box for safekeeping of the coin
* materials: non-toxic ceramic-like material, composite gold leaf, coin base
* a unique coin - no two coins are alike - even if I were to repeat the same design - each one is has a different blessing
* measurements: app. one inch in diameter, about the thickness of 2 1/2 quarters, very lightweight
* instructions for use and care included in an email to the buyer upon purchase

ABOUT THE SACRED FEMININE SYMBOL: The Sacred Feminine Symbol, the inverted triangle, is a symbol of the Mother Goddess and the Feminine Principle in Nature. It appears in Neo - Coptic symbolism. In the Hindu/ Vedic tradition it appears as a symbol of the Goddess Kali, Protecting Her devotees, and in particular, women. In the Vedic tradition, Kali is the Warrior Goddess, a manifestation of the Supreme Mother Goddess Durga. She appears also in Pagan/ Celtic spiritual paths as Calleagh, and as the Morrigan.

This is seen as the symbol of the Holy Grail in Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code, and the symbol relates to Mary Magdalene, who was described as the wife of our Lord Jesus Christ in the novel. Whether or not the story is true, the inverted triangle has a long history. It represents the yoni, or uterus, in the Hindu/ Vedic tradition, and it is of course associated with the procreative aspect of the Supreme Mother Goddess.

METAPHYSICAL USES and PERSONAL EXPERIENCES with this item: A talisman or spiritual tool will choose and find its rightful owner. If you are particularly attracted to this altar piece, it was probably originally designed for you. This holistic item has been charged or energized through a unique proprietary system for energizing holistic tools. Instructions on the use and care of this item, along with information about its significance, uses, and metaphysical effects, will be sent to buyer upon purchase. For general information, please send me email.

Copyrights and Trademarks: The designer reserves all copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights with respect to this item, including the design of the item, designs on the item, and photos of the item. Spell Cast Coins(tm), spellcastcoins(tm), SpellCastCoins(tm), SpellCastCoin(tm), and Spell Cast Coin(tm) are trademarks of the designer. Please see this website's Profile regarding these and other trademarks and the copyrights of the designer or send email for more information.

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