Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fleur de Lis - Pendulum - Divination Tool - Spell Cast Gems(tm) Charged Quartz - Pentacle - Magic Spell - Priory of Sion - Holy Grail - Vintage

This Fleur de Lis Pendulum - Divination Tool is:

* a multi-purpose tool: a Spell Cast Gems (tm) pendulum, (divination or dowsing tool), an amulet and a talisman
* specially designed with Spell Cast Gems(tm) healing charged clear quartz
* this genuine quartz pendulum has a focal quartz piece, an oval-shaped nugget, which is covered with vintage composite gold leaf, engraved with a pentacle/ star and a design in a magic alphabet; it has some cloudy inclusions - light passes through the crystal to create a beautiful effect; it has a vintage, filigree, medieval style setting. This piece is handmade.
* please contact Seller for more details
* the items featured in this website are original handmade art - no two items are exactly alike

* primary materials include clear quartz, composite gold leaf, brass or brass-plated rings, gunmetal chain, a gunmetal fleur de lis, silver foil golden amber beads, filigree bead caps, non-toxic jeweler's synthetics and enamels.
* the quartz piece is app. 1+ inches in length, not including the filigree bead caps; and the chain not including the quartz piece is app. almost 7 inches; the entire pendulum from top to bottom measures app. 10 1/2 inches.

ABOUT THE FLEUR DE LIS PENDULUM: This pendulum incorporates a gunmetal fleur de lis; the focal point is a genuine quartz nugget engraved with a pentacle/pentagram and a design in a magic alphabet. Both are associated with the Supreme Mother Goddess in some Pagan circles and in some Neo-Coptic circles. The fleur de lis has been for centuries a symbol of French royalty; and in the recent novel, The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, subsequently filmed, it is a symbol of the Priory of Sion, (Zion), a mythical and secret organization which purportedly govern(ed) the Knights Templar. According to this theory, The Templars in turn guard(ed) the Holy Grail -- in this theory, the body of Mary Magdelene, or La Madeleine, disciple of Jesus the Christ and possibly his wife. There are many hotly debated theories regarding these issues but the mystical qualities of the Fleur de Lis remain, nontheless.

METAPHYSICAL and ASTROLOGICAL EFFECTS, and PERSONAL EXPERIENCES with these GEMS: A talisman or spiritual tool will choose and find its rightful owner. This item is a pendulum, (a divination or scrying tool), an amulet and a talisman. Details concerning the design, effects, uses, and characteristics of the necklace will be sent to the buyer upon purchase, with instructions for care of the item. Please send me email for more information.

ABOUT THE CHARGED QUARTZ NUGGET: The focal point of this piece is the charged quartz nugget. Charging or energizing a holistic tool or crystal is a way of enabling the item to yield positive effects for the buyer or user. The items featured in this website are charged or energized through a unique, proprietary method for charging holistic tools, crystals and jewelry. Many of the items are programmable crystal, and most items are "spellcast", (programmed, or blessed), through different methods, to yield positive effects for the buyer or user, in addition to the charging or energizing.

Notice: The item and its use, and/or effects is subject to the buyer's own interpretation. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase. This item is not a substitute for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric care or advice.

Copyrights and Trademarks: The designer reserves all copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights with respect to this item, including the design of the item, designs on the item, and photos of the item. Please send me email for more information.

Please send email for more information.

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