Sunday, October 28, 2007

Queen Olympias Necklace - Alexander the Great - Ancient Greece - Spellworker(tm) Goddess Jewelry - Spellcastgems(tm) Astrological Talisman and Amulet

This Queen Olympias, Mother of Alexander the Great, necklace is:
*Spellworker(tm) Goddess Jewelry
*specially designed for Spell Cast Gems(tm) magic crystal healing energy for the intellect

*it is also an astrological talisman and an amulet - please contact Seller for details

*central focal point is a beautiful large aquamarine, faceted, set with a square antiqued filigree; two aventurines adorn the sides

*this listing also includes optional gemstone engraving and healing energy work

*materials include genuine aventurine beads, silver foil beads, composite gold leaf, genuine aquamarine, oxidized brass chain, toggle clasp, gold-tone chain, antiqued filigree, and gunmetal chain

*necklace length is adjustable; it can be work as a choker and measures app. 20 inches total length; pendant is app.1 5/8 inches in diameter


Historically, Queen Olympias, Mother of Alexander the Great of Macedon, has been greatly maligned. She had a reputation for being a scheming, power-hungry woman. She was, however, a woman of great strength and assertiveness for her time. Perhaps only a person like Queen Olympias could have given birth and raised a person like Alexander the Great. She also had a reputation for being very beautiful, perhaps red-haired, and a protective mother to Alexander. The only surviving portrait of her is a coin of that time period (please see photos). Alexander reputedly traced his lineage through his mother to Hercules, the hero and God who greatly influenced his life. Others say that he also traced his lineage to Achilles through his mother. One thing is clear: Olympias had to fight, for what she felt was right, in a very chauvinistic society.


A talisman or spiritual tool will choose and find its rightful owner. This necklace is an amulet and a talisman. Details concerning the design, effects, and characteristics of the necklace will be sent to the buyer upon purchase, with instructions for care and uses of the item. Please send me email:

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