Sunday, September 30, 2007

LEGOLAS Necklace - Spell Cast Stones -

Legolas, Elf Prince, is:
*a Celtic Pagan Elven Necklace, in a medieval vintage setting, with filigree
*designed for magic crystal energy for the intellect; it is also a talisman and an amulet
*central focal point is a vivid green Looking Glass Pendant(tm), handmade by me
*it includes optional gemstone engraving and healing energywork
*materials include oxidized brass chain, toggle clasp, genuine aventurine beads, silver foil beads, green aurora crystal beads, composite gold leaf, and toxic-free jeweler's synthetics
*necklace length is adjustable; it can be work as a choker and measures app. 20 inches total length; pendant is app.1 5/8 inches in diameter

About Legolas, Elf Prince and member of the Fellowship of the Ring: This necklace was inspired by Tokien's writings, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It is totally handmade, except for the glass, beads and wire. Legolas was a Silvan elf of Sindarin descent, and son of the Elf King Thrnaduil. He was tall, had keen eyesight and intellect, and was quick and strong. He had great energy and resistance to injuries, hardships, and fatigue. After King Aragorn died, it is said that he left Middle-earth with his dwarf friend Gimli, also a member of the Fellowship, and sailed over the Sea to the West.

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